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All my painting can be framed on request using a slim white wooden tray frame, see framed prices.

Signed prints are available on request. Postage and shipping is not included.


800 x 1000mm | Acrylic on Canvas |

The sky’s shadow moves across this peaceful land, a bull with its head down chews, he hasn’t noticed this brief intrusion. Light follows lifting the mood, fields sing in the warmth, trees russle their leaves a gentle breeze kisses the earth and keeps moving.






600 x 600mm | Acrylic on Canvas | 2023
Distant rain drops down and becomes the sea.

A bird rests silent and still as the morning expands ahead. The land stretches forward embracing buildings, trees, fields and life.


Not for Sale



500 x 500mm | Acrylic on Canvas | 2023
The land moves upwards towards trees marching across the horizon. The woodland watches their progress and nods to the fields they are happy to be their neighbours. A single bull has seen this view before, it is his to own, to enjoy and to be

contented in.





Western Highlands | 500 x 500mm | Acrylic on Canvas


The Bothy sits and waits for its next visit,

it hears the wind travelling, brushing rocks, skimming the water and unsettling the land, but it won't shift it is stubborn and grounded. Mountains knot themselves together, their strength is their unity their presence is their beauty.





WELLOW Somerset

760 x 1025mm | Acrylic on Canvas | 2023
The afternoon greets soft clouds expanding out from their host, slowly and silently joining the day.

It would be quiet except nature is busy, making conversation with each other in fields and trees.

The distant land beckons, it is just a touch away, tempting you in with its Prussian blues and misty hues.




VIEW BEYOND Isle of Skye

900 x 1200mm | Acrylic on Canvas | 2023
Looking towards Eigg and Rum on the

Isle of Skye. Dave and Liz's favourite view.


Not available


Window View with Sheep

700 x 700mm | Acrylic on Canvas

Wine cup trees have already greeted a clear fresh sky as night's moon makes its way to fading into the blue. Sheep graze, their heads down enjoying a breakfast of early green grass. The hamlet is still

and quiet as it prepares to yawn, stretch and start the day.



Towards Belle Tout - South Downs

The sheer size overwhelms as cliffs push upwards away from the sea, waves are pushed back and defeated. A loan figure stands and absorbs the land's power, they take in the distant rain, feeling insignificant and small.




An English Bull

280 x 350mm | Acrylic on Canvas

The day is settling in as the sky fills with clouds, rolling in to change the light. A bull chews his head down, he can hear nature's gossip, stories of fields trees and life.




South Downs - All Quiet

280 x 350mm | Acrylic on Canvas

Fields knit together, tightly sharing their land. A village tucks in, subdued and quiet trying not to be noticed, conscious of its intrusion in nature's space.


Hello Moon

500 x 500mm | Acrylic on Canvas

Dedicated to my mother who always acknowledged its beauty


Only available as a canvas print

Approaching Storm

510 x 700mm | Acrylic on Canvas

Currently for sale at Langham Gallery

Tel 020 7242 0010

South Downs Autumn - towards the sea

600 x 600mm | Acrylic on Canvas


Mothers Day

1200 x 1500mm | Acrylic on Canvas


Currently not available

South Downs with sunflowers

600 x 600mm | Acrylic on Canvas


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